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Anesthesia Management Solutions

We know what’s important to hospital administrators—cost control and revenue enhancement. Our unique model for anesthesia department management creates the ideal environment for this, and our Harmony software combines accurate cost and income data with provider and room utilization information, keeping anesthesia and surgical support operations within your financial footprint.

We can help you create a sustainable OR by building an anesthesia department that consistently delivers quality. We can establish this model through:

  • Stabilizing and enhancing patient throughput
  • Working with the surgical community to improve policies and protocols
  • Controlling costs using flexible methodologies and staffing models.

AmSol has excellent relationships with the surgeons we work to statisfy. Surgeons require a sustainable OR consistently delivering quality anesthesia. We understand the key role anesthesia plays in growing OR volume and revenue, which is why we are committed to prioritizing surgeon satisfaction.

We realize that team building through shared objectives and incentives will lead those involved to an approach that puts the patient first. AmSol implements this approach by integrating our experienced clinical leaders into the problem solving process.

Here’s what hospital administrators have had to say about AmSol’s services:

“AmSol has been very responsive to my needs. They came into a situation of chaos. I had a shortage of anesthesiologists and very dissatisfied surgeons. They have assumed all the burdens of providing high quality anesthesia care. I no longer have headaches from daily phone calls from frustrated doctors and nursing staff.” – CEO, For-Profit Community Hospital

“Because of AmSol’s experience and hard work, my anesthesia department is staffed with fulltime anesthesiologists and CRNAs for the first time in 23 years! AmSol worked with all the people responsible for running the OR and helped to create a stable environment where my surgeons and staff are happy and case volume is up.” – Hospital Administrator

“AmSol worked with us to develop an operational financial footprint that works for our staffing, our surgeons and our budget. We always know where we are financially because AmSol continually monitors and reports on the financial health of our anesthesia department.” – Hospital CFO


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