AmSol is an integrated solution to your anesthesia department management, compliance, staffing, and consulting needs.



We use real-time data to determine a custom-fit solution to your anesthesia needs. Meet our proprietary database, Harmony.




“AmSol worked with us to develop an operational financial footprint that works for our staffing, our surgeons and our budget. We always know where we are financially because AmSol continually monitors and reports on the financial health of our anesthesia department.”

- Hospital CFO


Anesthesia Management Solutions

In today’s healthcare environment, optimal performance is mission critical. AmSol provides anesthesia department management and consulting services to assist hospitals and surgery centers in achieving their performance, efficiency, and stakeholder satisfaction goals.

Our unique model focuses on teamwork and shared success.

Our collaborative approach to effective anesthesia management consistently proves that as your integrated strategic partner, we can assemble a team that works for you. AmSol (Anesthesia Management Solutions) has the expertise and experience to address complex issues and provide practical anesthesia solutions. Our clients are empowered to gain a competitive edge and achieve a greater level of care.

Accountable. Experienced. Proven.


We’ll develop more than just a strategic plan. We will become your strategic partner. Our boots-on-the-ground approach to running the most efficient department possible allows us to be present for important, time-sensitive decision-making efforts.

Our performance is always budget based, and our decisions are always based on real-time data. We stand by our open-book promise because we know how important it is to analyze revenue and costs at any given time.

AmSol has been managing anesthesia for healthcare facilities across the country since 2001. We know what works and how to implement a successful, cost-saving program. Solving tough situations and turning challenges into resources is our specialty—now, let us put our expertise to work for you.

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Ready To Get Started?

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